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Self Control is NOT Self Regulation

Brought to you by: Owl Heart Healing Arts with commentary by Mental Gear Closet

This article brings to light the difference between self control vs. self regulation. In summary:

SELF CONTROL = clamping down and shutting out; I'm not understanding what I'm feeling in the moment, or working with the source of the feeling to gain mastery, but rather tolerating the moment. I'm getting through, but my body may still be keyed up and in stress mode.

SELF REGULATION = actually changing how I feel in the moment by using various relaxation and other skills. I'm physically calming my body which allows me to then decide how I want to respond, and to do so with greater ease and less willpower.

As I found the article as a whole not the easiest to follow, I've provided what I hope is the most directly applicable part here (see picture below).

See full article here:…/

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