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As a Coloradan, my gear closet is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Afterall it contains all the cool, functional toys I use to train + play in the gyms and wild spaces I love.  However, this isn't the only place I (or any of us) store critical equipement.

Of equal importance is what I call our "mental gear closet" (aka. mind) which houses the essential mental and emotional tools we rely on during athletic and life endeavors.


These include:

Mental focus

Energy optimization: Calming vs. activating

Redirecting anxiety

360 stress management

Preventing panic

Motivation enhancement


Cultivating joy and positive emotions

Identifying and working through burnout

Building your support tribe

Returning from injury

Sport and athletic career transitions

Being your best, badass self

Yet while we frequently check and update our physical gear, maintaining our mental gear + health is sometimes seen as a luxury or weakness, only receiving attention after crisis hits.  At [Mental] Gear Closet, I aim to change this by providing counseling and therapy services in line with the following principles:

1) You deserve to make your mental and emotional health a priority.


2) YOUR story, experience and needs are a cornerstone of our work together.


3) Session material and tools are grounded in evidence based modalities and techniques.

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