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Your mind is a powerful muscle.  Let's strengthen it.

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Whether you're looking for Individual sessions,

Group + Team Training,

or online resources to strengthen your mental gear, you'll find it here.

COVID-19 Support

Could you use a little support and re-grounding during these times of stress and uncertainty? Let me help via affordable

30 minute sessions to remind you, we can do this!

Eating Disorder Treatment

I offer individual outpatient therapy or intial case management based on where you are in the recovery process.  Let's get started!

Courses, Podcasts

& More

Go beyond (way beyond) sessions with these additional  dynamic tools, brought to you personally by

[Mental] Gear Closet.

 Personalized attention to your individual needs, strengths and goals

One-on-one sessions provide greater attention and privacy for us to more effectively address personal areas of growth, allowing you to better pursue the things you love most.

** Seeking eating disorder treatment?  Click here.



Mental training in a collaborative learning environment

This option is great for teams or groups interested in addresing similar core mental + emotional skills or obstacles, as it allows each person to uniquely contribute while gaining insight from group collaboration.

Get your feet wet.  Stay inspired.

Here you will find current articles, research, blog posts and videos.  These tools can be great free resources as well as opportunities to identify which mental gear in your "closet" could use some speical attention.

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"Yesterday is heavy.  Put it down."

- Unknown

In this time of emotional and physical stress, we as a community need more places to put down our anxiety. I'd like to be that place for you and am therefore offering:


$40 half hour sessions (via telehealth):

Emotional relief

Grounding and stress management

Motivation maintenance

Mental tools to enhance your post-COVID19 training

Whether you're needing a breather, a moment to refocus and adjust, or help staying motivated I'm here as a resource.  Let me know how I can help!


COVID-19 Support


Eating Disorder Treatment

I'm glad you're reaching out and can appreciate how much bravery it takes to acknowledge this may be an issue and take action.  Here are some ways I can help.

"I don't need to specifically address an eating disorder now but I used to have one and am looking for a therapist who is sensitive to this."

While eating disorder symptoms would not be our main focus, you can rest assured that if aspects of this history arise, they will be met with experience and undertanding.

"I want to find an outpatient therapist who can specifically focus on my eating disorder."

I am unfortunately not currently taking clients seeking eating disorder outpatient treatment as their primary focus for sessions, or who have been in maintenance for less than 1 year.  In these cases though, I am very happy to consult with you and act as a resource in finding and setting up your personalized care team.

Courses, Podcasts

& More

Creating and connecting to new ideas, always wanting to learn and do more... sound familiar?
Keep exploring with me through these dynamic additional resources brought to you by Alexandra of [Mental] Gear Closet and special guests ...
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