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The Denver Eating Disorder Resource You Need

Updated: Jan 20

“I think I have an eating disorder. Now what do I do? Who is it safe to talk to?”

This moment, whether it be within yourself or towards a friend or loved one, can feel absolutely overwhelming. Regardless of where you are in the process, finding the right people to ask questions to and help you with kindness and expertise can seem like a major hurdle you simply don’t have the energy for.

Let me be a resource.

After years in the field of eating disorders, I have built several amazing connections within the Denver community. One whom I’ve recently checked in with and would highly recommend is the Eating Disorder Foundation. Here is what you'll want to know:

(Note: I have no contract with or financial gain agreement with the EDF. I simply believe wholeheartedly in their mission and what they do).

In short ...

Every resource offered by The Eating Disorder Foundation is 100% FREE. (At time of this post ... I triple checked.) This includes:

- Resources

- Personalized help in finding an indivdiual therapist

- Support Groups, Mentorships, Workshops (for both clients and loved ones)

- Drop-in tours of the facility

Individual Therapy

While individual therapy is not offered on site, team members continuously check on their clinical registry so they can walk every new client step by step through the process of finding an individual therapist or treatment team. They also stay up-to-date on which therapists accept insurance.

Support Groups

These are offered both on-site and virtually. There is no specific agenda for each group session and is therefore determined by the needs and comments of those in attendance that day. You can, though, find groups that tailor to 18+ year old clients as well as Family + Loved Ones.

Groups are facilitated by either volunteer Licensed Therapists, masters level Practicum Students or Eating Disorder Dietitians.

At the beginning of group, expect to hear a few important rules to help guide the structure of the group. However if you have any questions, never hesitate to ask. Others in attendance are probably wondering the same thing!


Are you looking to learn more about a specific topic, such as how to navigate insurance or what is Binge Eating Disorder? You can either view the calendar on the Foundation's website at any time, or sign up for their newsletter.


A pair (one mentor and one mentee) are matched together following an application process to help support each other through recovery. Note: This is only recommended for clients who are 2-3 years into the recovery process rather than those who are brand new to learning about eating disorders and how it may be affecting them.

Free drop-in and tours

If you would like to check out the facility, meet the staff or ask a million questions, you can always drop by unannounced. A team member will show you around and make sure you are set up with any resources you'd like or need moving forward.

Want to get in touch or have other questions?

Contact the Eating Disorder Foundation at ...

Phone: (303) 322-3373

Address: 1901 East 20th Avenue, Denver, CO 80205

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