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It's Time to Update Your Self-care Strategy

Updated: Jan 22

“I want to do more to take care of myself but I just don’t have the time!”

Day after day this familiar conversation repeats itself, like two equally matched fighters in a never-ending bout. Both sides are relatable and logistically sound, which ends up leaving us stuck in an endless cycle of wishing and regretting. Let’s break up the fight. It’s not getting us anywhere.

Instead of a dual I propose a meeting …

a meeting between your intention and attention.

Let me say that again… rather than struggling for time (or lack thereof), direct your focus toward meeting your intentions and desire for self-care with calm, present attention whenever moments naturally arise. This changes the game from a battle to a partnership.

What does it mean to pay attention? And how does that relate to how we take care of ourselves?

If you stop and think about the things you own, you’ll probably notice that most were chosen because they elicited positive feelings. You bought that soap because the scent brought you joy. You may have crystals or spiritual tokens or trinkets around the house as they bring up feelings of strength or peacefulness. The location of your home, owning a pet, or the books you keep on the shelf were all decided upon for personal, positive reasons. Yet how often do you really pay attention to the things around you as you interact with them?

How often do you allow yourself to smell the soap when washing your hands? How often do you really feel the lather of bubbles as you wash and stretch in the shower? What does the sensation of embracing your partner feel like as you hug at the start or end of your day?

We are surrounded by bite-sized opportunities for connection, rejuvenation and joy but only if we actively invite these moments into our awareness. If not, they remain mere opportunities floating around us, patiently waiting until we pay for them with our most basic but valued currency … attention. Is it worth the cost?

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