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Overcoming Mental Injuries

Brought to you by: Elevation Outdoors

Source: Elevation Outdoors June 2019 magazine

"I would argue that an athlete is affected more mentally than they are physically."

- Joseph Gray, six-time World Champion mountain runner

While I found the flow of this short reflection article a little difficult to track at times, here are the key points the author makes:

- Sport is both a venue for working through as well as creating mental-emotional challenges to overcome.

- Bravely addressing (rather than ignoring) these challenges is key.

- This process of physical-mental recovery and restrengthening is better done with the support of others!

I also highly recommend establishing your support team - training partners, friends/family, mental health and physical therapists, etc. - prior to a significant injury or crisis, given the time and energy it can take time to find and build these sustainable, trusting relationships.

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