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Chronic Inflammation Removes Motivation by Reducing Dopamine in the Brain

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Brought to you by: News Medical

“The underlying hypothesis is that ...”. (Read this part.)

“With less physical activity [in modern life], low-grade inflammation is chiefly due to ...”. (Yep, and that part too! It provides great evolutionary context.)

Medical information like this is a great example of why practitioners all across the health field preach increasing awareness of our mind-body connection. Especially when changing or breaking sticky habits, having information such as this can help us make more effective and long term change while being less self-critical (e.g., "I'm just a lazy person.")

This is also why I so greatly value the role of medical and other specialists in the care of my clients. We each contribute unique and important pieces to the puzzle of health and personal growth!

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