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Body Image at the CrossFit Games

Brought to you by: The CrossFit Games

The issue of body image may not seem directly linked to performance, however there is an undeniably strong overlep.

How many times did I hear as an eating disorders counselor: "My doctor said that if I would had played one more soccer game I might have dropped dead from heart failure" due to starvation, unsafe eating habits and a need to attain a particular body type.

Confidence, focus, energy...the list goes on. All of these things are impacted if negative body image thoughts and negative self esteem haunt our attention and dictate the choices we make about nutrition.

Eat for strong, for feeling good, for power, for athleticism, for joy and because it tastes good, for what it will do for your body rather than the fear our society permits. If you do that, then you are one step closer to fueling top performance both mentally and physically.

I would also like to thank athlete Jamie Hagiya for her willingness to publically share this vulnerable and personal story.

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