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A Story of Survival

Brought to you: Kevin Hines, Goalcast and #beheretomorrow

This is why this video is important: "If we do not use the word safely, with education and awareness, we run the risk of missing all those people who have it on their minds."

Depression, overwhelming loneliness and hopelessness, anxiety ... these feelings hide within our communities much more than we may realize. Let's not let it get to the point of suicide. Let's not even let it get to the point of "I just assumed I'd have to suffer with these feelings everyday of my life, by myself."

Reach out. Say something. So we can all #beheretomorrow.

Note: Please be aware of the following phrase and what it subtly implies: "[Name] committed suicide." Consider using language than eliminates the underlying - though I'm sure, unintended - judgment and blame by using expressions such as "died by suicide". Your thoughtfulness makes a difference!

"I want people to understand, that their thoughts don’t have to lead them to an attempt. Their thoughts don’t have to become their actions when they’re suicidal."

- Kevin Hines

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